Principal FTSE ASEAN 40

Fund Performance

As at date : 31-05-2023
Year To Date Performance (%) 1Year (%) 3Year (%) 5year (%) Since Inception (%) NAV (USD) Fund Size (million)
Principal FTSE ASEAN 40 -1.21% -0.19% 31.29% 0.12% 127.17% 8.3160 7.23
Benchmark -0.55% 1.33% 37.73% 7.39% 129.38%
Benchmark : FTSE/ASEAN 40 Index

Income Distribution History

Period Gross (Cent/ Unit) Annualised Yield (%)
May-2022 31.00 3.81
Apr-2021 33.00 3.74
Apr-2020 30.00 4.82
Apr-2019 36.00 3.63
Apr-2018 38.00 3.53
Apr-2017 35.00 3.86
Apr-2016 35.00 3.99
Apr-2015 35.00 3.41

Disclaimer : Annualised yield is calculated as the most recent monthly dividend distribution multiplied by the Fund’s dividend frequency and divided by the latest NAV.

General Information

Investment Objective

The investment objective of the Principal FTSE ASEAN 40 is to provide investment results that, before expenses, closely correspond to the performance of the FTSE/ASEAN 40 Index.

Fund Details

How to investTo invest in the Principal FTSE ASEAN 40, simply place an order to buy or sell units during the trading day through a broker or any of the share trading services offered by Singapore banks on the SGX-ST. It is similar to purchasing or selling shares listed on the SGX-ST. All transactions are conducted on willing buyer willing seller basis. 
Fees and charges 

Fees and charges payable by investors for trading units in the Principal FTSE ASEAN 40 on the SGX-ST are summarised as follows:

Subscription/ Redemption fee :Nil
Brokerage fee* :Market rates. Investors will bear brokerage fee charged by their stockbrokers.
Clearing fee* :Currently the clearing fee for trading units on the SGX-ST is 0.05 percent of the transaction value, subject to a maximum of S$200 per transaction.

*Subject to goods and service tax ("GST") of 7% (effective 1 July 2007).


Parties involved in the Principal FTSE ASEAN 40 are:

ManagerPrincipal Asset Management (S) Pte. Ltd.
TrusteeDBS Trustee Limited
CustodianState Street Bank and Trust Company
Participating Dealers
  1. Citigroup Global Markets Singapore Securities Pte Ltd
  2. Flow Traders Asia Pte Lt
  3. DBS Vickers Securities (Singapore) Pte Lt
  4. Societe Generale, Singapore Branch
  5. Goldman Sachs Futures Pte Ltd
Designated Market MakerPhillip Securities Pte Ltd.

Key Data

Tracked IndexFTSE/ASEAN 40
Listing Date21 September 2006
Exchange ListingSingapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited (SGX-ST)
Trading Board Lot100 units
Trading CurrenciesPrimary currency: US dollars (US$); and
Secondary currency: Singapore dollars (S$)
Distribution of IncomeAnnually (if any)
Partial Cash and Partial In-kind Only Creation/Redemption
(Only Participating Dealers)
Minimum 50,000 units (or multiples thereof)
Reuters CodePrimary currency counter (US$): CFTS.SI
Secondary currency counter (S$): CFTS-D.SI
Bloomberg CodePrimary currency counter (US$): ASEAN SP 
Secondary currency counter (S$): ASEANS SP
ISIN CodeSG1T81931787
SGX-ST Counter Name (Stock Code)Primary currency counter (US$): CIMBASEAN40 100US$ (M62)
Secondary currency counter (S$): CIMBASEAN40 100S$D (QS0)