Principal DALI Opportunities Fund - Class SGD

Fund Performance

As at date : 30-06-2024
Year To Date Performance (%) 1Year (%) 3Year (%) 5year (%) Since Inception (%) NAV (SGD) Fund Size (million)
Principal DALI Opportunities Fund - Class SGD 20.03% 29.09% 3.08% -2.59% -11.45% 0.7947 0.06
Benchmark 14.32% 19.42% -8.55% -9.22% -14.17%
Benchmark : FTSE Bursa Malaysia EMAS Shariah Index

Income Distribution History

Disclaimer : Annualised yield is calculated as the most recent monthly dividend distribution multiplied by the Fund’s dividend frequency and divided by the latest NAV.

General Information

The Fund aims to provide investors with medium to long-term capital appreciation through investments in securities of Malaysian companies that will benefit from prevailing investment themes and that conform with Shariah principles.

Fund is suitable for investors who :

  • have a medium to long-term investment horizon;
  • want a portfolio of investments that adhere to Shariah principles;
  • want a diversified portfolio with thematic investment opportunities;
  • can accept that investment returns may fluctuate significantly over the short-term and may even be negative; and
  • seek capital appreciation over medium to long-term.

Fund Details

Distribution Policy Depending on the distribution policy of the respective Class, distribution (if any) will be made at the end of each distribution period to the Class(es) according to its distribution policy. Each Unit of the Class will receive the same distribution for a distribution period regardless of when those Units were purchased. The distribution amount a Unit Holder will receive is calculated by multiplying the total number of Units held by such Unit Holder in the Class with the distribution amount in cent per Unit once a distribution has been paid,he NAV per Unit will adjust accordingly. Currently, Class SGD is not expected to pay any distribution. Distributions, if any, will be incidental and will vary from period to period depending on market conditions and the performance of the Fund.
Investment Time Horizon Recommended five (5) years or more.
Initial Investment Minimum SGD1,000*
* or such other amount as the Manager may decide from time to time. 
Additional Investment SGD100* or more at any time.
* or such other amount as the Manager may decide from time to time 
Cancellation period First time individual investors shall, subject to the cancellation terms and conditions attached to the application form, have the right to cancel your purchase of Units in the Fund within six (6) Business Days from the date of subscription or purchase of Units (or such longer period as may be determined by the Manager or such other period as may be prescribed by the MAS) (“Cancellation Period”) by providing notice in writing to the Manager or its authorised agent or distributor.
Redemption/Withdrawal Fee
Launch Date 1 September 2015.

Fund Partner

Fund Fees

Application Fees Currently up to 5%. Maximum 7% of the NAV per unit.
Annual Fees

Management Fee: Currently up to 1.5% p.a. Maximum 3% p.a per annum of the NAV.

Trustee Fee: Currently up to 0.05% p.a. (including local custodian fees and charges but excluding foreign sub-custodian fee). Maximum 0.07% p.a. 

The foreign sub-custodian fee is dependent on the country invested.
All fees and charges payable by the investor and the Fund are subject to any applicable taxes and/or duties as may be imposed under any applicable laws or by any other regulatory authorities from time to time.

Switching Fees

Currently up to 1%. Maximum 7%. 

Units of the Fund may be switched into units of any other funds (or classes of such funds)  managed by the Manager, which is approved for investment in Singapore (whether such fund is authorised or recognised). Switching may be carried out only between Units denominated in the same currency.