Principal Asia Pacific Dynamic Income Fund (formerly known as CIMB-Principal Asia Pacific Dynamic Income Fund) - Class SGD

General Information

The Fund aims to provide regular income by investing primarily in the Asia Pacific ex Japan region and at the same time aims to achieve capital appreciation over the medium to long term.

Fund is suitable for investors who :

  • have a medium to long term investment horizon;
  • want a well diversified portfolio of Asia Pacific ex Japan region;
  • willing to take moderate risks for potentially moderate capital returns over the long term; and/or
  • seek regular income

Fund Details

Distribution Policy Depending on the level of income (if any) the Class generates, the Class aims to distribute part or all of its distributable income on an annual basis. The payment of distributions, if any, from the Class will vary from period to period depending on interest rates, market conditions and the performance of the Class. However, pursuant to the Deed, the Manager has the right to make provisions for reserves in respect of distribution of the Class. If the distribution available is too small or insignificant, any distribution may not be of benefit to the Unit holders as the total cost to be incurred in any such distribution may be higher than the amount for distribution. The Manager has the discretion to decide on the amount to be distributed to the Unit holders.
Investment Time Horizon Medium to long term. In this context, “medium to long term” refers to a period of three (3) years and more.
Initial Investment Minimum SGD1,000.00
Additional Investment Minimum SGD100.00
Cancellation off period You have seven (7) calendar days from the date of subscription or purchase of Units (or such longer period as may be determined by the Manager or such other period as may be prescribed by the Authority)(“Cancellation Period”) by providing notice in writing to the Manager or its authorised agent or distributor.

However, corporations/institutions, Principal Asset Management’s staff and person(s) registered to deal in unit trust of Principal Asset Management or any authorised agent or distributor are not entitled to the cancellation right.
Redemption/Withdrawal 100 units
Launch Date 9 September 2015

Fund Partner

Fund Fees

Application Fees Up to 5.0% of the NAV per unit.
Annual Fees Management Fee: Up to 1.50% per annum of the NAV of the Fund.
Trustee Fee: 0.05%* per annum of the NAV of the Fund.
* Excluding foreign sub custodian fees and charges
Switching Fees Currently up to 1.0%.
Switching will be conducted based on the value of your investments in the Class. The minimum amount for a switch must be equivalent to the minimum withdrawal amount applicable to the Class or such other amount as the Manager may from time to time decide. Please note that the minimum amount for a switch must also meet the minimum initial investment amount or the minimum additional investment amount (as the case may be) applicable to the fund (or its classes) to be switched into. Further, a Unit Holder must at all times maintain at least the Minimum Holding required for the Class to stay invested in the Class. The Manager may, at its absolute discretion, allow switching into or out of the Class in relation to a particular Unit Holder or all Unit Holders generally.